Many new to NYC residents prefer to share their first luxury apartment with a roommate. This is due to the high living expenses. Therefore, sharing an apartment with a roommate is the best option to get a nice apartment in a luxury building in NYC at a reasonable rent. If you are one of those prospective residents, you might want to get acquainted with your best friend & the bookcase wall.

The bookcase wall is a temporary partition which creates separation and isolates space for a second bedroom. Due to the fact that many buildings don’t permit full pressurized walls anymore, building owners came up with the idea of a bookcase wall. Technically this is a piece of furniture which might have a door, or a sliding door, reach all the way from the floor to the ceiling , or simply leave a foot gap on the very top, therefore, it does not reach the ceiling all the way. The types of bookcase walls used in a particular building vary. Some luxury buildings in Manhattan would only admit the free standing book-case walls which have no doors, and they are detached from the ceiling, others with more liberal rules would allow the book-case wall to have additional features for extra functionality. Basically, as a prospective tenant, you would need to find out what type of divider or partition could be used in your new luxury apartment.

The book-case wall can create extra storage space, and it would usually come with either shelving, or some sort of storage space. This is another creative way to go around the shortage of storage space which is a typical problem in some apartments in NYC. Some residents would only search for apartments where the book-case walls have a separate door. Those people value their privacy and prefer to have a divider which gives them a feel of a real wall with a door.

When choosing your bookcase wall

  • Make sure it is made of solid material

  • Make sure the company building this product is licensed and authorized by the bldg.

  • See if you can design the type of storage space and the positioning of the door

  • Ask if the book-case wall can be built to go all the way to the ceiling

  • Sample different construction companies and select the most reasonable price for yourself

Many of the bookcase walls look like real walls and don’t compromise the quality of living. They are made of solid material and isolate noise. Those that have doors are preferred by most of the residents but still it all depends on your personal taste and relationship with your roommate. Remember that the extra storage space can come handy in your new luxury NYC apartment.