There is a heated debate about the different type of partitions being used in order to create extra space, or a bedroom in your NYC apartment. We are acquainted with the diverse products that exist on the market which allow tenants to build the needed separation nowadays. After the department of state ruled out the pressurized walls as an option in most luxury apartment complexes in NYC back in 2009, renters have been confused when choosing the right partition, or the right company to carry on the project for them. If before there was only one type of pressurized wall to choose from, now the market is saturated with book-case dividers, free standing furniture walls, book-shelf walls, temporary partitions and many others. But what could be the most adequate solution for you and your apartment in NYC is still a mystery.

How to choose the right type of wall for your space?

  • Once you find your new apartment in NYC, talk to the management company. Find out if they still allow pressurized walls in their luxury apartment complex. If that is not the case, they will be able to tell you about their new standards. Some management companies allow only free standing book-case walls, others would only allow you to use furniture- dividers, and still others would allow you to build a full pressurized wall in your new apartment.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the name of the construction company that is authorized to work in the building. Please know that management companies are selective and they only work with certain wall building companies. Usually, those companies’ products are permitted because the products comply with the fire safety code of the building and do not compromise the department of state laws and regulations. Typically, the owner of the building does not want to be sued over a sloppily executed job which jeopardizes the safety of the residents.

  • Most buildings usually work with more than just one contractor. Hence, call all of them and sample prices. Carefully research their products and the materials they use. See if a free standing wall would best fit your criteria, or maybe you would go for the book case wall, or a furniture divider.

  • Don’t make your pick based only on the price of the product. Maybe you know the old adage “cheap is not necessarily the best”. So, make sure that the wall building company will provide quality service and product.

Bottom line, if you are on the market trying to select the best solution for your temporary partition, you have a variety of products to choose from. The summer is the busiest time for rentals. If you are moving to NYC and consider sharing an apartment with a colleague or friend, do your research carefully. Whether finding your new apartment in a luxury doorman building, or a walk up, NYC offers almost as much different type of apartments as type of free standing partitions, pressurized walls and book-case dividers. Please see some sample pictures of the type of dividers that are used on the market here in NYC.