When it comes down to selecting the right company to build pressurized walls, bookshelf room divider, or a furniture wall in your NYC apartment, you have to carefully consider your options. Experience shows that hastily made decision in this matter can lead to unfathomable consequences and complicate your living situation unnecessarily. Ultimately, finding the company to offer the median between best quality, price, and quickest service is what matters utmost to all clients; however, also make sure to become familiar with the rules applicable to the particular building when erecting a temporary wall in an apartment.

Pressurized Walls and Department of Buildings (DOB)

If you are new to the city of New York, and intend to rent an apartment with a roommate, before you have a pressurized wall built in your space, please get acquainted with all the legal aspects of the process and follow the DOB regulations. Once acquainted with all that, electing the right company to build your temporary wall partition should be an easy task as long as the company is properly licensed with the department of state. Don’t compromise your safety by choosing someone to perform the job just because they offer the cheapest product. The rule of thumb is that price might reflect the quality; therefore, your initially inexpensive pressurized wall might cost you a lot more in the long term.

What Pressurized Walls are permitted in my Building?

Many articles have been written in reference to the type of pressurized walls permitted in NYC. The standard changed recently after the tragic fire incident in Harlem when a fireman became trapped and died in an apartment because of an illegally built temporary wall. Since the accident, the New York Department of Buildings has done everything possible to crack down on the illegal walls in NYC.

The simple rule of thumb to follow is to always ask as many questions as possible. First, if you are to move in with a roommate, and want to create an extra bedroom, make sure to find out about the type of pressurized walls, bookshelf room dividers, or furniture walls that are permitted in the building.

Next, chose a company which is fully licensed with the Department of Buildings, and offers high-end quality products at a reasonable cost. In this article, we will talk specifically about one company in particular – Wall2Wall. We do recommend Wall2Wall due to the product quality, moderate pricing and quick installation services they offer.

How is Wall2Wall Different?

Full pressurized walls are available to order from Wall2Wall. This particular product comes with a window on the top.

Being in the business for over 7 years, Wall2Wall has made a name for itself. Even though this is not one of the first businesses to offer these services in NYC, the company quickly assumed the leadership position. Wall2Wall is offering a variety of products which widely range from pressurized walls, custom-built book-case dividers, furniture walls, book-shelf room dividers, office partitions and much more. When we talked with the owner of the company, he explained that they really take every project at heart and use quality materials, offering a safe and quick installation service at a very reasonable price. Wall2Wall is the only company that has its own facility located in Green Point, Brooklyn where all bookcases and storage wall furniture dividers are built. This offers several advantages; however, one of the most important of course is the speed to deliver custom tailored designs made from real wood. “Our products are not made from the cheap sheet-rock which is what our competitors do. We use solid material, and this makes a huge difference!” said the owner. The sturdier built pressurized walls isolate noise much better which benefits the clients in a long term.

When you work with Wall2Wall, every pressurized wall, or bookshelf room divider is made to order; therefore, there is no lease or liability agreement to hold the client responsible if the product is damaged or painted. This is a much more customer friendly policy. Most companies which try to contractually obligate the client attach ownership of the products in the contract and when the units are removed, they can be easily damaged by the workers. However, the client is the one who gets fined and pays for the damages.

Book-case dividers can be used to create extra storage space in your apartment. Considering storage space is a rare commodity in a NYC apartment, a book-case divider can come in handy and multi-functional.

Wall2Wall does not require the customers to sign contract or give any payment until the job is completed. Hence, when dealing with Wall2Wall, the craftsmanship always comes first, and the client’s interest is a priority at all times. The other companies require a signed contract and/or a deposit before the installation of the pressurized wall or the furniture divider. The hidden pitfall with this is that if the client is sold something over the phone which does not meet the quality of the installed partition, the client is stuck with the faulty product because of the earlier contractual obligation already made over the phone. Those are not honorable business practices and many people have complained in the past. Therefore, Wall2Wall stands out as a leader in the industry by catering to the needs of the customers first.

Price is one of the main criteria used by many when shopping for either goods or services these days. Wall2Wall offers very competitive prices and high quality products. For the budget conscious, we recommend to call the company and get a free quote when considering the purchase of a pressurized wall, bookshelf room divider, furniture wall, or any other kind of temporary wall for the home, or the office.