Custom Temporary Walls NYC

Residential solution

The need for NYC temporary walls and pressurized dividers is very common in home environments where the permanent construction of walls is unacceptable. Our products vary from temporary wall dividers, book-case partitions, and pressurized walls. If needed, we can offer different solutions based on your needs and specifications. Those aren’t the traditional systems but much more efficacy acclaimed products such as bookcase walls, book-shelf walls, furniture dividers, and variety of free standing walls.

Those innovative products offer our clients the ability to gain extra storage space while augmenting the apartment. Our products can be painted in different colors. Features such as window options, sound proofing options, door options and many others can be installed to come with the final product. The option to customize your own space is well mirrored in our products; therefore, we offer storage dividers, book-case walls, and furniture dividers with extra closet space.

The functionality of our pressurized walls and temporary partitions does not have to end with the division of the space itself. Our products can offer multi- layer purposefulness and adaptability at incomparable degree. Our temporary wall systems for home use come at competitive prices and quality at its best. Whether you might be looking for a solution which requires a free standing wall, pressurized wall, book-case divider, or simply storage divider, please browse our database of products. Based on your needs and landlord’s requirements, we can guarantee the ideal product for your case.

Residential Solution

Some of the landlords in NYC have specific preference for the type of dividers that can be used in their apartments. We have practically analyzed the specifications of those landlords , therefore, now offering our innovative book-shelf walls, furniture dividers and free standing walls, we make sure those comply with with the landlord’s requirements as well the aesthetic needs of the client. Our Wall 2 Wall NY furniture dividers are practical solutions with which you can maximize the storage space in the apartment plus gain the desired effect of separation and enjoy the safety of your home.