Temporary Walls

Customize your space to how it best fits YOU! We install these walls in home environments where the permanent construction of walls is not allowed.

Bookcase Walls & Storage Solutions

Wall2wall NY is the innovator of its own storage dividers that also act as furniture units. Add on bookcases, doors, windows & more!

Office Dividers

Office & Commercial

We offer the most creative and suitable pressurized wall solutions to bring forth the work environment of your dreams.

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Getting a Temporary Wall in your apartment is easy

Step 1 - Estimate & Design

Connect with us to get started. We'll help you to design and price out your new wall, then we'll schedule your install.

Step 2 - Installation

We're in and out usually within the same day. Your house is clean and your new wall is already a part of your home.

3 - Removal

Schedule a removal at least 30 days before your lease ends. It'll be like nothing was ever there when we're done.

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About Us

Wall2Wall NY is a full service temporary wall company. We specialize in innovative designs that are functional, safe and that leave no trace when removed.  our other products & services include: 

  • Temporary Walls, Flex Walls, Pressurized Walls
  • Bookcase Walls
  • Temporary Office Partitions
  • Custom Closets & Storage Systems
  • Soundproofing
  • Painting
NYC Temporary Wall Experts

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